Kardenae' By Kiyah

It was all started by a little girl with a "BIG" idea. Supported by her parents, Kiyah launched the Kardenae' brand in 2021, offering quality lip gloss made with organic ingredients, make-up, and various fun accessories designed with the "young" in mind.

Our products are handmade with love for every glam girl regardless of the occasion. Whether you want to be fresh and pretty for a gymnastics competition, look fabulous on the acting set, have "Pamper Me Pretty" slumber parties, or simply slay every day, Kardenae' does it all!

Meet Kiyah

The Kardenae' Collection

Mixing it up, Making it HAPPEN!

Kardenae' Kids Organic Make-Up had it's official Launch Party on June 27, 2021. Thanks for all the love! -Kiyah